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More and more Point of Sale (POS) software providers are offering promotions that allow merchants and other end users to acquire retail software for free or at a reduced cost. In the past, offers such as a “free trial” or the “first six months free” may have seemed too good to be true, but the implementation of SaaS POS software has made these promotions the ultimate way to acquire a POS system. Advertisements of free POS systems once carried a stigma, but cloud-based software has changed the game on how systems are promoted and implemented. Discover the benefits of a SaaS solution and why more people are taking advantage of these types of promotions.

What Benefits Are There to Choosing a SaaS Solution?

To understand the allure of promotions offering free pos systems to kickstart contracts, first consider the advantages of a SaaS software solution. There are four main reasons for small businesses to choose these solutions: 

First, when comparing traditional on-premise solutions with modern cloud SaaS solutions, tech and maintenance assistance is a big factor that sets them apart. With on-premise solutions, shop owners and business managers are responsible for software maintenance, patches, and security updates. Keeping on-premise solutions up to date can be costly, requiring technical knowledge and expertise, along with the time to manage these items. With SaaS solutions, the vendor handles items like software maintenance – saving business owners not only time, but also the cost of hiring an IT manager. 

Another reason small businesses and startup companies find SaaS solutions so appealing? These solutions mitigate upfront and ongoing overhead costs. Low monthly payments offer more flexibility compared to purchasing software outright from the beginning, making it perfect for those just starting out, or looking to invest in other parts of their business. 

In addition to saving businesses money both upfront and in the long-term, SaaS POS solutions provide retail and small business owners the unique ability to quickly pivot. The effects of Covid-19 impacted the business world and changed how companies operated, bringing many small retailers into the new age by force. The truth is technology is advancing at a breakneck pace. With constant updates, better integrations, and new settings, POS solutions are constantly being tweaked and improved. New updates are beneficial to users, but can be a time and financial challenge for on-premise software users who opted for a program with a one-time license fee. SaaS software can add features and update software in a timely manner, giving users more agility to take advantage of the latest and greatest tech.   

Last but not least, one of the biggest attractions to cloud and SaaS POS systems is the ability to securely access programs remotely. SaaS products reside in the cloud and as a result, owners, managers, and selected business staff have the ability to login and connect to their POS system from any internet-connected device. Mobile POS solutions provide flexibility and accessibility not offered by on-premises software solutions, which require a VPN or some other means of connecting to the server to use remotely. 

With all of the benefits that come with a SaaS software solution, it’s no surprise that more and more retailers are leaning toward cloud-based solution providers, and why the opportunity to get these cloud-based POS systems at a reduced rate or for free at the start of their contract through promotions is becoming a more trustworthy and exciting prospect.

The Best Free POS Systems Promotion for Small Businesses

With more promotions and offerings popping up, what is the best promotion for a free POS system for small businesses? One solution to consider is ClearTEQ POS – an all-in-one POS solution that includes industry-leading merchant services.  Loaded with features and built with simplicity, ClearTEQ is perfect for small businesses, startups, and high turnover businesses that don’t have an abundance of time set aside to train employees on the system.

ClearTEQ’s POS system provides everything, from advanced reporting to inventory control and payment processing. A simplified and intuitive till design saves money with less time needed to invest in staff training. Clerks quickly scan products or enter item codes using a keyboard or customizable touch screen, so customers can move through the checkout process faster. An advanced, real-time system means businesses get all the insights and control without the hassle. As an owner, you’ll spend less time managing your store, and more time connecting with your customers. Some features that ClearTEQ’s retail solutions for small businesses include: 

  • Advanced Inventory Management – Easily manage inventory and ordering across product types and categories in real time.
  • Connect with Customers – Easy-to-use customer tracking program includes the tools and information needed to offer personalized customer service and grow business.
  • Reporting Designed for Retail Real-time reports based on a customizable date range give the insights you need to run your business today and adjust for the future.
  • Fast & Secure Payments – Speed up the checkout, reduce errors and conveniently accept popular credit and debit cards using a fully integrated Merchant Service.
  • Run Your Business From Anywhere – Secure online POS makes it quick and easy to access everything you need to manage sales and inventory. With your tablet in hand, you are on your way to selling in-store, or anywhere your customers take you.

ClearTEQ’s Free Retail POS Software Promotion

Interested in ClearTEQ POS and want to take advantage of promotional offers to get started? Keep your eyes open to find the sweet spot and deals that are right for you. Subscribe to ClearTEQ’s newsletter and follow Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to stay up-to-date on news and announcements, such as a free 6-month promotion of the product. Or, reach out to meet with a representative who will keep you informed about available promotions and help start your partnership with ClearTEQ. 

Switching to or starting up with a new POS solution can be easy with a secure integrated payment solution tied directly to ClearTEQ’s intuitive POS system. Save money by taking advantage of promotions, like free POS systems.

Why People Select ClearTEQs POS Solutions

ClearTEQ Merchant Services and POS software is affordable and offers straightforward rates with no hidden fees. Pricing includes POS software and technical support for all-around business coverage. ClearTEQ’s unmatched technical support is available by phone, email, or live chat to keep your store running, with emergency support available 24/7. 

Many retailers enjoy the fact that ClearTEQ software easily works with existing equipment, so there may be no need to replace the barcode scanner or cash drawer from your old system. In many cases, businesses can also connect with their current computer or tablet; all that is needed is an internet connection and a browser. ClearTEQ’s team is ready to help you navigate hardware, and determine if your current equipment will meet your needs.

Want to start or upgrade the whole system hardware and all? ClearTEQ’s quick-start bundle makes it easy to get started right away.

Final Thoughts

Leveraging advantageous POS promotions to jump-start your business or update your current system are worthwhile opportunities for retailers.  Keep an eye out for promotions that can help you save on start-up costs and work within your budget – it can make all the difference in your accounting books.  If you’re ready to get a system that assists you from front-of-house to back office, don’t miss your chance. Subscribe to ClearTEQ’s newsletter and social media to be the first to know about upcoming promotions,  or reach out to learn about other promotions to help you get started. 

If ClearTEQ POS sounds like a great fit for your business, fill out the application, and our team will be in touch right away. If you have any further questions, reach us at 1-888-406-6369

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