Inventory Tracking: The Essential Tool for Retail Success

Is your small business part of the 43% that don’t track inventory, or do so manually? As one of the biggest costs in retail, stocking the optimal amount of inventory can shape the trajectory of any small business. Inventory distortions such as shrinkage, stockouts, and overstocks cost US businesses $580 million. The value that inventory…

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Time to Switch POS Systems? What to Consider

In the fast-paced world of retail, staying ahead requires smart business decisions. If you find yourself grappling with challenges in your current point of sale (POS) and payments provider, it might be time for a strategic change.  Innovative retail technology with ongoing updates has become an essential tool that can provide you with a competitive…

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Practical Strategies for Retail Business Growth in 2024

As we step into a new year, small retail businesses are hard at work looking for ways to identify new opportunities for retail business growth in 2024. Armed with valuable insights from the previous year, many store owners use January to reflect on what worked well (and what didn’t) and lay the foundation to reach…

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man in his minimart
How POS Software Can Help Minimarts Stay Ahead in 2023

The minimart industry is more competitive than ever. Not only is the industry facing direct competition from other minimarts, but also from indirect competitors such as grocery stores, supermarkets, gas stations, and online stores that offer same-day delivery.  At the start of each new year, experts weigh in on their predictions for the challenges and…

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Barista handing over coffee in cafe
4 Reasons to Invest in a Café POS System

Despite ongoing economic uncertainties, inflation, and labor shortages, the coffee and snack shop industry continues to recover as people return to in-person professional and social activities. In the US, roasted coffee revenue rose to $69.8 billion in 2022. That figure is expected to hit $83.6 billion by 2025. According to the National Coffee Data Trends…

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Signs Your Convenience Store POS System Needs an Upgrade

As the central hub for your convenience store, a point of sale (POS) system is essential to running your business efficiently and profitably. From quick transactions with personalized customer service to simplified inventory management with easy to monitor costs and margins, a convenience store pos system needs to be reliable and ready to grow with…

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Mom and Pop shop with woman and man next to door
POS Technology for Small Business Owners and Mom-and-Pop Shops

Small businesses are vital contributors to the economy, but the “moms and pops” who run these establishments face many challenges. Fortunately, investing in the latest technology can make the lives of small business owners much more manageable. For example, traditional cash register systems are a thing of the past. In 2023, point of sale (POS)…

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