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Explore Our Ground Breaking Garden Center POS System

With ClearTEQ’s specialized garden center POS solution, your business can flourish. Boost revenue and build customer loyalty with ease when you have the right technology backing you. Our all-in-one point of sale (POS) system provides comprehensive inventory tracking, seamlessly integrated credit card processing, and review real-time data. Spend less time on back-office tasks and more time caring for customers with our stationary and mobile POS offerings.

Getting the Tools to Help You Outshine the Competition

Our robust garden and nursery POS system offers all-encompassing features to enhance your business efficiency and improve customer experiences. Given the competitiveness of the garden center industry, ClearTEQ equips you with tools to outshine the competition and become your customers’ preferred destination for shrubbery. Discover how you can streamline operations, print easy to read labels, and manage inventory all from a single POS solution.


Discover How Your Garden Center Can Be More Profitable

A POS System Can Streamline Operations and Minimize Human Error.

Garden Center POS Features You Need


Cloud-Based Solutions

Our comprehensive solution seamlessly addresses all your garden center needs, even on the go. Conduct customer transactions anywhere–from in-store to remote venues, the back of the greenhouse, sidewalk sales, and more. All you need is an Internet connection to experience the flexibility and efficiency of our mobile solutions.

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Reporting Experts

Gain immediate insights into your garden center’s performance and elevate managerial decisions with reporting and analytics. Navigate the intricacies of your business effortlessly through an intuitive analytics dashboard. Utilize our built-in reports to track KPIs and swiftly analyze crucial data, enabling informed decision-making from any location via the cloud.

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Print Product Offerings

Elevate your garden center by offering versatile label formats for product enhancement. Choose from five label types, including regular and small for shelf pricing, promo and promo small for advertising, and large for extensive signage. Effortlessly create product labels with barcodes and impactful signage to streamline operations and captivate customers.

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