The Retail Foot Traffic Formula: 7 Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Sales in Your Retail Store

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Brick-and-mortar retail businesses depend on a steady influx of buyers coming through the door. Attracting more customers and increasing retail foot traffic is crucial to boosting sales. The formula to generate more foot traffic is something all retail shops, from small boutiques to large chains, are constantly trying to perfect. Here’s a look at seven ways retailers in several industries have increased foot traffic in their stores — and how the right point of sale (POS) system can be a key element of that formula.

1. Utilize Your Point of Sale (POS)

The first thing retailers need to consider for driving foot traffic is how to improve customer experiences. Creating positive interactions and shopping experiences will keep customers coming back — and telling their friends. Start by offering exceptional customer service and training your staff to be friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive to customer needs. Provide amenities such as comfortable seating areas, complimentary beverages, or free Wi-Fi to make your store an inviting space.

But how does that involve your POS system? Choose a solution that is easy to learn and use and offers tablets for ultimate mobility, so your staff can quickly and efficiently check out buyers and go out onto the floor to focus on customer service rather than technical issues.

Another way you can use your POS to generate more retail foot traffic is to offer exclusive in-store-only promotions. Encourage people to visit your store by creating limited-time offers and discounts that your POS can easily apply at checkout. Promote these incentives through various channels, such as your website, social media, and email newsletters. Your POS should provide sales reports and analytics that will help you craft the most appealing offers.

2. Get Visual

Humans are visual creatures. We’re drawn by appearance when selecting almost anything, from food or clothing to a potential mate — or a place to shop. Ensure that your storefront is visually appealing and stands out. Use eye-catching signage, window displays, and lighting to capture the attention of passersby and draw that foot traffic through your door.

Display your products creatively and strategically within your store to hold customers’ attention. Use attractive displays, arrange products in appealing ways, and ensure your store layout is inviting and easy to navigate. This strategy once again involves your POS system: a sleek, compact all-in-one solution will create less clutter and take up less counter space, which can then be used for more revenue-generating merchandise.

3. Become a Staple in the Community

One creative but guaranteed strategy for generating more retail foot traffic is to ensure your whole community considers your business a staple and a necessary stop. For example, sponsoring local events or sports teams can increase your store’s visibility and consumer goodwill.

Engage with your local community by participating in events such as festivals, fairs, or charity fundraisers. With a mobile POS solution, you can easily set up a booth, offer samples or demonstrations, and distribute promotional materials to generate interest and direct people to your store. Also consider hosting hands-on workshops and social events at your store or nearby.

Another effective tactic is to build relationships with other local businesses that complement your store’s offerings. Consider cross-promoting each other’s businesses or organizing joint events to attract customers to both establishments.

4. Utilize Local Advertising Channels

The tried-and-true method of using local advertising can make all the difference in increasing your retail foot traffic. Start with local newspapers, magazines, radio stations, or community websites to reach a targeted audience in your area.

5. Utilize Social Media and Online Marketing

Being present and visible online, as well as in your community, is another way to boost your retail foot traffic. Leverage social media platforms to promote your store, and consider using targeted online advertising to reach potential customers in your area. Engage with your target audience by posting appealing content, running contests or giveaways, and sharing updates about new products or special offers. Robust POS reporting and analytics can help you determine what offers will be most attractive, and inventory management helps ensure that you have enough products on hand to meet demand.

Post live events or offer unique items and deals that are only available in person. The “fear of missing out” will create a sense of urgency to drive consumers to your stores and increase purchases.

6. Get Creative with Your Space

The atmosphere and unique offerings can make all the difference for spaces like coffee shops. Dividing your space and offering a communal workspace for a quiet but public alternative to working from home can keep customers coming in all day, from breakfast to lunch and beyond. Providing free Wi-Fi and phone charging stations in a high tourism location can also draw in travelers looking to take in the local scenery while recharging their phones.

You can also attract retail foot traffic by creating an Instagram-friendly environment. Add unique snap-and-share experiences such as murals, sculptures, or other decor for customers to pose in front of, organically promoting you on their social media and making others want to stop by for a snap.

7. Offer Unique Experiences

Besides Instagram moments, there are other ways you can create memorable and positive customer experiences that will keep people coming back through your door. Of course, you’ll prioritize exceptional customer service with one-on-one personalized attention and a warm, inviting atmosphere. But you can go beyond that by looking at your business and thinking creatively about how to offer people something different from your competitors.

For example, wineries or wine shops could offer tasting and pairing lessons. Liquor stores could also invest in a liquor license to offer drinks and tasting with mixology classes. Toy stores and gift shops can appeal to the children (and thereby pull in parents) with character meet-and-greets, game nights, or product demos. And never underestimate the power of loyalty programs to create positive experiences and generate repeat visits. There are many ways to draw in foot traffic if you take the time to use your imagination and be strategic in your planning.

H2: Leverage Your POS to Maximize Your Retail Foot Traffic

Creating positive and unique customer experiences, participating in your local community, and leveraging social media are among the strategies you can implement to increase foot traffic in your retail store. Remember, consistency and creativity are key. Continually evaluate and adapt your tactics based on customer feedback and market trends to keep drawing people into your business. And look for a POS solution that can make these efforts easier to implement.

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