How to Save on Credit Card Fees this Holiday Season

How to Save on Credit Card Fees this Holiday Season

In the last few months, you’ve likely noticed the cost of running your retail shop has increased. Everything from inventory to paper, cleaning supplies to utilities. As you prepare for the busiest shopping season of the year, finding small ways to protect your profits will help make this holiday season successful for your business. One simple way to save on the bottom line is to take a look at your current payment processing fees. Consider what you currently pay, then compare service providers to find the best deal to meet your store’s needs and transaction volume. At ClearTEQ, we believe that straightforward pricing is not only convenient but is also the most affordable for small to mid-size retailers. Here are some ways ClearTEQ Merchant Services can help to meet the needs of your business.

Flat-rate pricing

There are a variety of pricing structures to choose from for payment processing, including flat-rate, interchange plus, and tiered pricing. With flat-rate pricing, you pay the same rate for all transactions, regardless of card brand or type. Convenience and predictability are the benefits of flat-rate pricing.

Zero account fees

Statement fees, admin fees, and other recurring charges can add more than budgeted for payment processing. ClearTEQ Merchant Services offers straightforward rates with no hidden fees or long-term contracts, so you know exactly what your costs are, and how often you’re paying them.

Value-add benefits

When comparing payment processing providers, also look for solutions that include services that add value and security to your business. ClearTEQ is securely hosted with a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider (the highest level of assessment available) and includes regular updates to stay on top of security compliance. Other no-cost added benefits include unmatched technical support and industry-proven point of sale software.

To maximize profitability and minimize stress during this holiday shopping season, look for a merchant services partner that offers affordable, easy to understand rates with value added resources.
Are you interested in learning more about how ClearTEQ Merchant Services can help your business save on payment processing fees this holiday season? Contact us today.

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